Kitzan Sheep -  Suffolks
extra length, bone & size, small teats and tight udders, along with
Andrus 206M9 Twin RR
Sire:URF 71  Dam: Batt 7014
This is a Andrus/Batt sired ram that goes back to Stockton
72H:P14 "Supersire 95", which came from the UK.  
Kitzan Sheep -  Suffolk 1003  RR
Sire: Andrus 206M9   Dam:  PS 9076
Weaned at 105 Days Actual Weight 150#
130 Days Actual Weight 188#
After light use, pictured here at 236 days of age - 278# just sheared.
His dam is a straight Erstrom bred ewe.
Prairie Suffolk 9076 Tw RR
Sire: Erstrom 2192 Dam: Erstrom 4-96
She lambed as a ewe lamb in 2010
Raised 1003 in 2011
Currently raising twin ewe lambs in 2012

Her dam is one of the top Erstrom ewes.  In this picture, she
is weeks away from 2012 lambing.
Prairie Suffolk 1002
Sire: Andrus
Dam: 8019 - a 2192 Daughter
2011 born Andrus daughters
Bred to lamb in April, 2012
Sire: Andrus
Dam: 170
Just another example of bone and style.
She was ultra-sounded and will lamb in April, 2012.
Prairie Suffolk 1238
Sire: Andrus   Dam: 0123
PS 0123 was the high indexing Suffolk ewe as a ewe lamb in 2011.   
She goes back to PS "0-29" one of the main ewes of Prairie Suffolks.