Kitzan Sheep -  Suffolks
C Reno 4015 RR   URF on the Top and Bottom Side.
Super Sire on 3 sides of his pedigree.
Used on all Andrus and Batt 3131 (Keenland Son out of a Kimm Ewe) Daughters.
BATT 6079 RR
Sired by Batt 5034  Dam - Andrus Ewe
We added Batt 6079 in 2017 and used him on
Reno 4015 daughters
C Reno 7011 RR
Sired by Batt 5107 a Straight Bred Andrus Ram out
of one of Chris's top producing ewe lines.   We
added him as a ram lamb in 2017 and settled 31 of
35 ewe lambs in 30 days.
2017 Ewe Lambs

Reno 4015 Daughters
Older Andrus Daughter
New Zealand  Coleford Ram
AI Progeny
BATT 3131 Daughter
on the left
On the RIght is another New
Zealand Coleford AI Daughter
Batt 3131 Daughter
Dwight's Genitics Mating

3131 Son on a Andrus daughter
3131 Daughter (on left) with three
Reno 4015 Daughters