In 2008 and 2012, we took a trip to Australia looking for new
Prime SAMM genetics.

As we visited with the Australian producers, we discovered
common interest and concerns about the sheep industry.   
1.  Sheep producers are truly the salt of the earth.  
Hardworking and ready to share information, good and bad,
for the betterment of the industry.
2.  The producers are looking for ways to increase profitability
and thus a financial way to pass on their legacy to the next
3.  Like all true agriculturist, sheep producers are survivalist.
4.  The progressive sheep producers know and understand
that in order to achieve profitably, a producer needs to look for
and adapt to change.
5.  Producers realize that they cannot control the weather or
the markets but they can control input cost and increase
lambing percentage, pounds of weaned lambs, increase
livability in the lambs and ewes thus increasing the numbers
of lambs for sale while maintaining a fine wool micron.

As we travel across Western Australia, we visited with
Purebred producers, commercial producers, and sheep yard
personal.   We talked with people in stores, at gas (fuel)
stations, and at tourist attractions (yes, we even found sheep
producers there!)  

We asked the question:   What type of sheep is working and
making the Australian producers money?   
Every time the
answer was Prime SAMM sheep.

We would like to thank the following stations who spent time
with us and sharing their knowledge.
2008 SAMM Trip

Sandown Prime SAMMs          Tony and Fran Abbey
Sunnyside Prime SAMM          Wally and Linely Filmer
Gracefield SAMM                        Rocco and Chris DeBellis
Glenlea                                          Alex and Lyn Leach
Romilly Hills Prime SAMMS    Stan and Carole Dorman
Rockdale Prime SAMMS           Hyden, Peta, and Mark Edwards

2012 SAMM Trip
Sandown Prime SAMMs           Tony and Fran Abbey
Rodckdale Prime SAMMs          Hyden, Peta, and Mark Edwards
Shirlee Downs Prime SAMMs  Chris Squierers and Sons
Tiarri Prime SAMMS                    Ross Taylor and Kelly Grooch
Royston Prime Samms               Allan and Sandy Forbes