WAMMCO International State Carcase Competition
Published by Meat & Livestock Australia Limited ABN 39 081 678 364 and Australian Wool Innovation Limited
ABN 12 095 165 58, June 2009
ISSN: 1448 790 X

Prime lambs from sires bred by flocks’ using LAMBPLAN have stolen the show at the 2008-2009 WAMMCO
International State Carcase competition, the nation's largest in terms of number of entries, lambs evaluated
and overall prize money. Entries for this years competition totalled over 21 thousand prime lambs, an
increase of 3000 carcases
from the previous year. The number of entries also rose to 102, which was up by 4. The minimum
consignment of lambs was 100. Each carcase was assigned weight and grade points, with either a plus or
minus VIAscan® loin bonus determined by the loin yield. Rams evaluated through LAMBPLAN have done
particularly well, having sired 11 of the top 12 entries. The results for the top 12 entries are shown in Table
1 below.
Congratulations to all entrants and their ram suppliers. Special mention goes go to Mark and Hayden
Edwards of Rockdale Prime SAMM stud, whose 112purebred SAMM ewe lambs won the coveted award. This
is the second time that Rockdale has won the  award, having won in 2006-2007. Rockdale rams also sired
the second placed entry.

“It is pleasing to see the majority of the top 12entrants utilize the services provided by LAMBPLAN.  The
Prime lamb industry is now a professional stand alone highly valuable
enterprise and the days of buying any old terminal sire are gone. More so when premiums are being offered
by processors for elite yielding carcasses, growers must take a more professional approach to purchasing
sires (and replacement ewes) and do
the necessary research online to find the genetics that will enable them to maximize their potential returns.”

Rob Davidson of WAMMCO International.

Place         Trading Name                         Source of rams used
1st            HA & PJ Edwards                 Rockdale SAMM’s
2nd           Enokurra Farms                   Rockdale SAMM’s
3rd            Greyhome Farming             Jolma Poll Dorset’s
4th            Capemont Farms                 Hillcroft Farms Poll Dorset’s
5th            Capemont Farms                 Hillcroft Farms Poll Dorset’s
6th            Capemont Farms                 Hillcroft Farms Poll Dorset’s
7th            DJ & DM Hooper                  Non LAMBPLAN sires
8th            RW & PM Taylor                  Tiarri SAMM’s
9th            TH & G Curnow & son          Pamellen Suffolk’s
10th          PC, WL & BJ Johnston         Ashbourne White Suffolk’s, Sunnyside SAMM’s
11th          B & E Nottle                          Middlemoor White Suffolk’s
12th         B & E Nottle                           Middlemoor White Suffolk’s.

Source: http://www.sheepgenetics.org.au/Document/66/Autumn%2009.pdf
Published by Meat & Livestock Australia Limited ABN 39 081 678 364 and Australian Wool Innovation Limited
ABN 12 095 165 58, June 2009
ISSN: 1448 790 X
http://www.tiarri.com.au/news/pdf/Pre%20Rockdale.pdf  taken from Australia Weekly Livestock

ROCKDALE stud has dominated WAMMCO International's state carcase competition in recent times and
this year made it three out of the last fbur years the Edwards family has won the prized award. The stud's
line of 104 Prime SAMM ewe and wether lambs scored the top of 27 14 points to be placed ahead of
17,249 lambs from 76 entries originating from WA's northern, eastern and southern agricultural areas.
Rockdale's winning line presented an average carcase weight of 25.22kg, a 2.25 fat score, a WAMMCO
Select lean meat yield of 32.11pc and 81.7 pc of the carcases received bonus points for their total of
2714. Equally pleasing for the stud was second overall placegetter Jon Ward, Dumbleyung, who is a client
of the stud. Rockdale had another successful showing at the
2010 Wagin Woolorama where the stud exhibited the champion interbreed group of one ram and two
ewes and the
champion Prime SAMM ram of the show. The champion ram Rockdale 09-0007, who was part of the
interbreed winning group will lead the stud's Prime SAMM team at the sale this year. A feature of the
line-up will be the new South African genetics on offer, which includes 09-0007. Rockdale will hold its fifth
annual on-property ram sale
at Dumbleyung on Wednesday, September 15, where 120 Prime SAMM rams and 40 White Suffolk rams
will be offered. Inspections are from 10 am and the sale will begin at 1 pm. Sale catalogues and ASBVs
can he emailed or faxed prior to the sale upon request. The ASBVs for this year's sale rams are well
above the breed average for both the Prime SAMM and White Suffolk breeds. The muscling ASBVs in the
on August 25. The team averages l02kg and 43 EMD and has wool averages of 22.2 microns and97.Spc
Lunch and refreshments will be provided at the sale. For further information contact Haydn on 0428 634
182 or Mark on 0427 634 182.

Rockdale 09-0007, who was champion Prime SAMM ram at this year's Wagin Woolorama, will lead the
Rockdale Prime SAMM team at the Rockdale on-property ranr sale on Wednesday, Septernber 15. With
the ram at Woolorama earlier this year were judge Phillp Russell (left) and Rockdale coprincipal Mark

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Tiarri Prime SAMMs
Woolorama ribbons last week, on top of a good season, has set a positive 2014 pattern for Ross and
We are asked how we selected our Australian SAMM genetics.    We selected
passed onto the  commercial producers.  We encourage you to visit WAMMO

In 2012 we had an opportunity to tour WAMMCO and it is impressive.  Please call
Dwight about our tour of WAMMCO!
Dwight, in the center, with Hyden
Edwards of Rockdale and the Manager